Fiber to Home and Business

SWIFT Networks is building more and more fiber infrastructure to the home and business. The fiber is moving closer and closer to the end user being it at home or to the business dwelling outfit. The same is happening with FTTX (FTTX is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last mile telecommunications connectivity). Innovative enclosure solutions are in the heart of these FTTH/FTTX applications The need to take the high speed fiber connections all the way to the final application is growing. In FTTH this means taking the fiber into the home and office. The same demand is growing in FTTX in general; Fiber To The Antenna, Fiber To The Elevator, Fiber To The Water pump, etc. Fiber truly to the X. FTTH for Real Estate Developers: We build & operate FTTX network for Estates,Multi-dwelling buildings & Apartments which support services like Voice/ Video/ Data/ CCTV/ home automation, enhanced surveillance & all futuristic services.

Unlimited Data via Enterprise Fiber Optics To Home

Scope of Work :

  • Designing of network for citywide / large complexes/ apartments FTTH implementation.
  • Schematic Layout for FTTH Network.
  • Underground trenching for laying of ducts & fiber for FTTH integration for citywide network/ large complexes/ apartments network.
  • In-building cabling of trunk cable/ drop cable.
  • Supply of fiber optic cable, passive equipment and all other related accessories.
  • Planning & implementation of ducts.
  • Planning & implementation of fiber optic cable in ducts by blowing/ pulling at customer come up.
  • Installation of CPE at customer premise & other in-building passive components.
  • Testing & commissioning of the entire network.
  • Operate & maintain the entire network

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